Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Those Bleeding Angels

Reed Arvin writes smart and exciting legal thrillers as well as anyone now working. His The Last Goodbye got some fine reviews and should have earned him a spot on every major bestseller list. That didn't happen, but with any luck his latest effort, Blood of Angels - the kind of book that makes “unputdownable” and “page-turner” more than just overused clich├ęs -- about a prosecutor in Tennessee who suddenly finds himself in big trouble will get Arvin the attention and sales he deserves.
Thomas Dennehy's problems include the well-documented possibility that a man he has sent to the death chamber is innocent, and a murder case against a much-loved member of Nashville's Sudanese community that could start some serious racial strife. There are some requisite family difficulties as well, but Arvin skillfully keeps them from overwhelming his main stories.